ResumeBanners (Live)

Allows ad displays.


Disabled method. Use version 5 of the API.

For information about the compatibility of methods between versions Live 4 and 5, see the Migration guide.

Allowing displays does not mean that the ad is actually displayed. For impressions, other conditions must be met as well: sufficient funds, moderator approval of the campaign and ad, and enabled displays on the campaign level (the ResumeCampaign method). An actual impression corresponds to the Yes value in the IsActive parameter.

New in the Live 4 version

The CampaignID input parameter does not need to be set.

Input data

The input data structure in JSON is shown below.

   "method": "ResumeBanners",
   "param": {
      /* CampaignBidsInfo */
      "BannerIDS": [

Parameters are described below.

Parameter Description Required
CampaignBidsInfo object
BannerIDS Array containing IDs of ads that are enabled for impressions (no more than 2000 IDs). Yes

Output data

Returns 1 when executed successfully, as shown in the following example. The value of the StatusShow parameter for ads takes the “Yes” value.

   "data": 1

Examples of input data


   'BannerIDS': [20155899]


   'BannerIDS' => array(20155899)


   'BannerIDS' => [20155899]