GetClientsList (Live)

Returns the accounts of all clients of the advertising agency.


Disabled method. Use version 5 of the API.

For information about the compatibility of methods between versions Live 4 and 5, see the Migration guide.

This method is available only to advertising agencies, not to direct advertisers.

New in the Live 4 version

Added the output parameters OverdraftSumAvailable and Currency.

Added the output parameters ClientCurrencies and VATRate (also see the section Real currencies instead of Yandex units).

Added the SharedAccountEnabled output parameter.

Added the OverdraftSumAvailableInCurrency output parameter.

Input data

The input data structure in JSON is shown below.

   "method": "GetClientsList",
   "param": {
      /* ClientInfoRequest */
      "Filter": {
         /* ClientFilter */
         "StatusArch": (string)

The param parameter is used for specifying the conditions for filtering clients, as described below. A call without param returns data for all clients.

Parameter Description Required
ClientInfoRequest object
Filter Contains the ClientFilter object that sets user filter conditions. No
ClientFilter object
StatusArch Yes — Select only users whose accounts are archived. No — Select only active users. No

Output data

The output data structure in JSON is shown below.

   "data": [
      {  /* ClientInfo */
         "Login": (string),
         "DateCreate": (date),
         "Phone": (string),
         "FIO": (string),
         "Email": (string),
         "StatusArch": (string),
         "SharedAccountEnabled": (string),
         "Discount": (float),
         "OverdraftSumAvailable": (float),
         "OverdraftSumAvailableInCurrency": (float),
         "Currency": (string),
         "ClientCurrencies": [
         "VATRate": (float),
         "SmsPhone": (string),
         "CampaignEmails": [
         "ClientRights": [
            {  /* ClientRight */
               "RightName": (string),
               "Value": (string),
         "Role": (string),
         "NonResident": (string),
         "SendNews": (string),
         "SendAccNews": (string),
         "SendWarn": (string),

Parameters are described below.

Parameter Description
ClientInfo object

The Yandex username.


Contact phone number in any format. We recommend using international phone number format, for example: +7(495)137-33-33.


Date of user registration, YYYY-MM-DD.


Last name and initials.


The email address to send notifications and news to.


The user's account is archived (inactive) — Yes/No.

SharedAccountEnabled Whether the client has the shared account enabled — Yes/No.

Personal discount. Currently not used.


The overdraft limit, in Yandex units, that the client can use at the moment.

If the campaign operates in a real currency, the returned value is converted from the campaign's currency to Yandex units and mathematically rounded down to the second decimal place.

Use the PayCampaigns method to pay for campaigns by overdraft.


The overdraft limit that the client can use at the moment, shown in the client's currency.

The value in real currency does not include VAT.


The currency that the overdraft is in. This parameter was added for future use.


Array containing a client's currencies.

If the client is a direct advertiser or an agency client (the Client role):

  • If the client uses Yandex units, the parameter is not returned (omitted or NULL).
  • If the client uses a real currency, the array contains the only currency that the client can use for creating new campaigns.

If the client is an agency (the Agency role), the array contains the currencies available to the agency. The agency can register subclients in these currencies. Acceptable values: cu (Yandex units), RUB, CHF, EUR, KZT, TRY, UAH, USD, BYN.

VATRate The VAT rate of the client who is making the payment, meaning the advertiser or agency. If the client is an agency, the agency's VAT is returned.

Phone number for sending SMS notifications to. Taken from the user's Yandex account.


Array of email addresses for all the user's campaigns.


Role in Yandex.Direct:

  • Client — The client of an advertising agency, or a direct advertiser, or the representative of a direct advertiser.
  • Agency — An advertising agency or representative of an agency.

Non-resident — Yes/No.


Send Yandex.Direct news — Yes/No.


Send status notifications for campaigns that have a personal Yandex manager — Yes/No.


Send a notification when ads are moved to lower positions than desired — Yes/No.


Array of ClientRight objects. They define the rights of an advertising agency's client for managing campaigns that the agency created for this client.

This parameter is only available to advertising agencies.

DisplayStoreRating Show the store's rating in ads — Yes/No.
ClientRight object

Name of the permission that is being granted or revoked:

  • AllowEditCampaigns — allow making changes to campaign parameters.
  • AllowTransferMoney — allow transferring funds between campaigns.
  • AllowImportXLS — allow downloading data from MS Excel files.

Yes indicates granting the specified rights, and No indicates revoking them.

Examples of input data


   'Filter': {
      'StatusArch': 'No'


   'Filter' => array(
      'StatusArch' => 'No'


   'Filter' => {
      'StatusArch' => 'No'