AdImage (Live)

Manages images: uploads and deletes images, returns a list of images, and so on.

The type of action to perform is specified in the Action parameter:

  • Upload — Uploads images asynchronously using a list of URLs. The synchronous response contains the numbers of upload tasks.
  • CheckUploadStatus — Gets a list of upload tasks (for checking status).
  • UploadRawData — Synchronously uploads images as binary data.
  • Delete — Deletes images.
  • Get — Gets a list of images.
  • GetLimits — Gets the total number of images the client can upload, as well as the number of images already uploaded or currently in the upload queue.


For requirements for uploaded images and quantity restrictions, see the section Image (AdImage).

Points are used when this method is invoked (see Point limitations). If there are not enough points available, the error message 152 is returned.