AccountManagement (Live)

Manages the shared account.

The type of action to perform is specified in the Action parameter:

  • Deposit — Adding funds to the shared account using the agency's credit limit or the advertiser's overdraft.
  • Invoice — Generating invoices in HTML format.
  • TransferMoney — Transferring funds between clients' shared accounts.
  • Get — Getting information about shared accounts.
  • Update — Updating settings for shared accounts.

Finance token

When performing the Deposit, Invoice, and TransferMoney actions, you must specify the sequential number of the transaction and the finance token in the operation_num and finance_token parameters (see the section Working with the shared account).


Up to 30 financial transactions per day per shared account, as the total of the Deposit and Invoice.

Up to 3 TransferMoney operations per day per shared account (both credits and deposits are counted).

Exceeding this limit causes an error with the code 56.

Up to 3 changes to the daily budget per day per shared account (the Update operation).

New in the Live 4 version

The Currency input parameter is required for Deposit, Invoice, and TransferMoney operations.

Added the input parameters AccountDayBudget, PausedByDayBudgetSms (nested in SmsNotification), and PausedByDayBudget (nested in EmailNotification) for the Update operation, and the same output parameters for the Get operation.