Display strategies

Display strategies are aimed at getting the optimal number of clicks for the lowest price. There are automatic and manual strategies.

The user decides which strategy to choose in different situations. Automatic strategies eliminate the need to manage bids. Manual strategies imply that the user chooses the display position and sets bids. For example, if a lot of clicks are desired, select displays in effective positions (high visibility of ads and, as a result, more clicks). However, these positions are more expensive and might produce more clicks than necessary. Displays in less expensive positions are more cost-effective and can produce the necessary clicks due to rate selection.

The strategy on search is configured in the Strategy structure (CreateOrUpdateCampaign method). Specify the name in the StrategyName nested parameter; all the other parameters are used for setting up automatic strategies (see below).

The Live 4 version has an expanded set of strategies on search. They are listed in the description of the StrategyName parameter (CreateOrUpdateCampaign (Live) method).

Strategy selection for the Yandex Advertising Network is available in the API beginning with the Live 4 version. The strategy is configured in the ContextStrategy structure (CreateOrUpdateCampaign method). The name is specified in the StrategyName nested parameter.

Automatic strategies

Automatic strategies manage bids in real-time using an optimal algorithm to reach set goals. The display positions and bids are selected automatically. The following table lists parameters of automatic strategies.

Name in the API Name in the web interface Mandatory parameters Additional parameters
WeeklyBudget Weekly budget: maximum clicks


CPAOptimizer (Live 4) Weekly budget: maximum conversion rate

WeeklySumLimit, GoalID

MaxPrice (not recommended)
AverageClickPrice Average CPC AveragePrice WeeklySumLimit
WeeklyPacketOfClicks Weekly click package ClicksPerWeek AveragePrice or MaxPrice
AverageCPAOptimization (Live 4) Average CPA AverageCPA, GoalID MaxPrice (not recommended), WeeklySumLimit
ROIOptimization (Live 4) Average ROI ReserveReturn, ROICoef, GoalID Profitability, MaxPrice (not recommended), WeeklySumLimit

When using automatic strategies, keywords can be assigned different priorities. To do this, use the AutoBudgetPriority keyword parameter (CreateOrUpdateBanners method).

For the CPAOptimizer, AverageCPAOptimization and ROIOptimization strategies, we do not recommend limiting the CPC in the MaxPrice parameter. The CPC might be high in certain cases, but the strategy ensures a lower average price than when a price limitation is set. If the advertiser is not happy with the resulting average price, it might be wise to apply a different strategy.

For the Yandex Advertising Network, automatic strategies can be selected beginning with the Live 4 version, and only if impressions are disabled on the search (the “ShowsDisabled” strategy on search).

Manual strategies

For manual strategies, the display positions are predefined (other than the “HighestPosition” strategy), and the desired number of clicks is achieved by bid selection. Here we list the manual strategies on search and ad display positions.

Name in the API Name in the web interface Display position
HighestPosition Highest available position

The most effective position based on the bid. The ad is moved to the highest possible position in the lower block or Premium Placement, depending on what the bid covers.

LowestCost Cheapest position in ad block In Premium Placement if the bid is high enough; otherwise, in the lower block. In both cases, the ad is shown in the position with the lowest CPC (the lowest possible position).
LowestCostPremium In Premium Placement in the position with the lowest CPC.
LowestCostGuarantee (Live 4) Impressions below search results In the lower block in the position with the lowest CPC.
RightBlockHighest (Live 4) In the lower block at the highest position available for the specified bid.

Bids on the search can be set for each keyword in the Price parameter (CreateOrUpdateBanners method), or the SetAutoPrice and UpatePrices methods can be used for grouped changes to bids.

The bid for the Yandex Advertising Network can be set in different ways, depending on the display strategy. The predefined “Default” strategy implies that the bid is calculated as a percentage of the bid on the search. Variables for making this calculation are set in the campaign parameters ContextPricePercent, ContextLimit, and ContextLimitSum (CreateOrUpdateCampaign method).

Under certain conditions, the bid for the Yandex Advertising Network can be directly defined. These conditions are different for the stable version and the Live 4 version, and are explained in the description of the ContextPrice parameter: