Statistics and analysis

Balance and statistics summary

The GetBalance method returns the current campaign balance and the amount deposited into the campaign account since its creation.

The GetSummaryStat method returns a summary of campaign statistics for each day of the specified period. Data is contained in the parameters SumSearch, SumContext, ShowsSearch, ShowsContext, ClicksSearch, and ClicksContext.

If a Yandex.Metrica tag is installed on the advertiser's site, additional statistics are returned in the parameters SessionDepthSearch, SessionDepthContext, GoalConversionSearch, GoalConversionContext, GoalCostSearch, and GoalCostContext.

Detailed statistics

If the summarized statistics are not sufficient, you can use the GetBannersStat (Live) method to get a detailed statistics report.

An even fuller report can be obtained for any period as an XML file (see Sample Report). Use the CreateNewReport method to run the report; you can group, sort, filter, select data by page, and compress the file using gzip.

The GetReportList method notifies when the report is ready; this method should not be called more often than every 10-20 seconds. When the report is ready, the method returns a link for downloading the file from the server.

Budget forecasting

This report is for estimating the number of clicks in different positions and overall costs to the advertiser. The forecast is made for the specified keywords and regions based on statistics for the past month.

Use the CreateNewForecast method to launch report generation, which takes up to a minute. Use the GetForecast method to get the report. The GetForecastList method notifies when the report is ready; this method should not be called more often than every 10-20 seconds.

For information about using the report, see the section Подбор ставок.

Selecting keywords

The “Keyword statistics” report returns the maximum possible number of impressions for the set keywords. This lets you assess the size of the target audience on the search over the past month.

To generate the report, use the CreateNewWordstatReport method. You can also get the report interactively in the Keyword statistics service.


Keyword suggestions are keywords that have a similar meaning and can include additional interested consumers in the target audience. Yandex.Direct offers suggestions by analyzing the original keyword and comparing it with the most popular queries. For example, for the keyword [cabinet handles] the suggestions are [cabinet fittings], [hardware for cabinets], and others. Based on suggestions, you can adjust keywords or add new ones.

Use the GetKeywordsSuggestion method to get suggestions. Suggestions are not returned if the keyword is already complete enough or covers unrelated subject areas (such as [refrigerator textbook]).