Special Sandbox features

How the Sandbox differs from the Yandex.Direct API.

Attention. The Sandbox doesn't support configuring retargetings.

Finance methods

The CreateInvoice, GetCreditLimits, PayCampaigns, and TransferMoney finance methods are available to all clients. To call these methods, you need to generate a finance token based on the Sandbox master token.

Adding campaign funds

You can add funds to the campaign account balance using the PayCampaigns method, and specifying the contract number 11111/00 in the ContractID> parameter. The same contract number is returned in the response from the GetCreditLimits method.

Deducting funds

Thirty minutes after the campaign is activated, the campaign balance is reduced by a quasi-random amount, imitating how funds are deducted for ad clicks. After this, the balance is reduced at the start of each day. When funds have been depleted, the campaign and ads are assigned blocking statuses (the StatusShow and IsActive parameters are set to “No”).


The methods GetSummaryStat, CreateNewReport, CreateNewWordstatReport, and CreateNewForecast generate reports with quasi-random data. The GetKeywordsSuggestion method returns the string “sample keyword n” instead of keyword suggestions.

Statistics are available 30 minutes after the campaign has been activated, and are updated at the start of each day. Over the course of a day, identical statistical reports are returned, provided the methods that generate them are invoked with identical input parameters.

Automatic state changes

The cycle of state changes is simulated for campaigns and ads, going from “sent for moderation” to “approved” to “active”. The states change automatically with a one-minute time lapse. In actuality, nothing is moderated, and the ad is not displayed anywhere; the state is simulated by changing the status.

Agency clients

The CreateNewSubclient method registers advertising agency clients in the Sandbox database, but does not create a Yandex account. This means you will not have to delete the accounts of these clients when you have finished testing the application.