Financial transactions

Attention. When calling finance methods, you must specify the sequential number of the transaction and the finance token in the operation_num and finance_token parameters (see the section Accessing finance methods).

Paying by credit and overdraft

The campaign balance can be topped off without actually transferring funds, by using credit or overdraft. The user accepts responsibility for transferring funds within a set time period.

Credit and overdraft are similar tools that are intended for different users. Credit is given to advertising agencies based on contracts. The overdraft is provided to direct advertisers on the conditions of the service offer (items 6.6–6.10). Use theGetCreditLimits method to find out the credit amount. The size of the overdraft is specified in theOverdraftSumAvailableparameter for the GetClientInfo (Live) method.

Use thePayCampaigns method for payment. In the PayMethod parameter, advertising agencies set the value “Bank”, and direct advertisers set the value “Overdraft”.

When the transaction is successful, it automatically generates an invoice, which you can get in the Yandex Direct web interface. For an overdraft, the invoice specifies “YooMoney” as the method for adding funds, but the advertiser may use any other payment method, instead.


Direct advertisers can pay for a campaign only when it has been approved by a moderator (see the campaign parameter StatusModerate).

Funds transfer

Use the TransferMoney method to transfer funds from the balance of one campaign to other campaigns. To find out the amount available to transfer, use the GetCampaignsParams method (SumAvailableForTransfer parameter).


We recommend making transfers using as few calls of the TransferMoney method as possible in a day. In terms of productivity, it is better to transfer funds between multiple campaigns in a single method call, rather than making multiple calls in order to complete each transfer separately.

Payment invoice

The CreateInvoice method generates a printable invoice. This method returns the URL where you can get the invoice. To download it, you must log in on Yandex with the username that this method was called for.


Direct advertisers can generate an invoice only when the campaign has been approved by a moderator (see the campaign parameter StatusModerate).