The Сlient object is the user's account in Yandex.Direct.

Yandex.Direct registers users who are running advertising campaigns and have campaigns running for them: direct advertisers, agencies, and agency clients. Their Yandex usernames are their account IDs in Yandex.Direct.

Accounts are obtained and edited using the GetClientInfo and UpdateClientInfo methods.

Chief representatives

The chief representative is a Yandex user who makes financial transactions with Yandex.Direct for services. A personal account is created for this representative and campaigns are associated with this account. For a direct advertiser, the chief representative is the advertiser himself, while for an agency this is a user who acts on behalf of the agency, such as the general manager.

The GetClientsUnits method provides notification of the number of points awarded to the chief representative (see Point limitations).


The chief representative can assign other Yandex users as delegates and give them the ability to manage campaigns. Delegates do not have personal accounts, since financial transactions are made with the chief representative.

Delegates are assigned in the Yandex.Direct web interface. In the API, a list of delegates can be obtained using the GetSubClients method (it also returns a list of agency clients).

An agency can have two types of delegates: those with rights to manage campaigns of any of the agency's clients, and those who have rights only for specific clients, as listed by the chief representative. The type of delegate is shown in the Role parameter (GetSubClients method).

Agency clients

Agency clients are Yandex users that an agency runs advertising campaigns for. In Yandex.Direct, such users are called subclients. They do not have personal accounts, since financial transactions are made with the agency's chief representative.

An agency registers subclients using the CreateNewSubclient method, which creates an account for the specified username in Yandex and in Direct. An agency cannot take previously registered Yandex users and make them subclients, since this will mean they lose the ability to create campaigns in Yandex.Direct on their own behalf.

The GetClientsList method returns the accounts of all subclients. Use the GetClientInfo method to get selected accounts by username. The GetSubClients method returns an abbreviated set of information about an agency's clients and delegates (username and full name). The Role parameter shows whether a user is a client or a delegate.

Clients of advertising agencies can get API access:
  • If the agency granted the client read-only access to the web interface, the client can only get data when using the API, as well.
  • If the agency granted the client permission to edit campaigns, the client can use either the web interface or the API for managing campaigns.

An agency sets up access permissions for its clients using the UpdateClientInfo method, and also in the web interface (the edit campaign option on the page for editing client settings).