Ad group

The AdGroup object contains a set of ads and shared conditions for displaying these ads.

Ad groups are a tool for testing different variations of ads and automatically determining which one of them is the most attractive for the audience.

Attention. Versions 4 and Live 4 of the Yandex.Direct API only support groups of text and image ads. To work with all types of ad groups, use the AdGroups service in version 5 of the API. More about group types...

Ad group parameters

A group has an ID (AdGroupID) and a name (AdGroupName). The GetBanners (Live) method returns these parameters in results.

The parameters Geo, Phrases, and MinusKeywords, as well as tags and retargeting settings, are all parameters of the entire ad group, not of a separate ad.

The following diagram shows the structure of an ad group:


No more than 1000 ad groups per campaign.

Maximum of 50 ads per ad group.

No more than 200 keywords per group.