The API objects and their relationship to each other, as well as parameters and functions of objects.

Attention. The API objects and their relationship to each other in the Live 4 version are shown below.

At least one campaign must be created in the API. It can contain up to 1000 ad groups. Each ad group may contain up to 50 ads. At least one keyword or retargeting must be set for an ad group.

The API provides various methods for creating and editing objects.

How to edit objects

Many object parameters can be omitted when calling the edit methods. The values of omitted parameters are replaced with predefined values, which is not always the desired result. To keep the values, we recommend using the following editing technique.

Before editing objects, get their parameters from the API using the methods shown below. These methods return the full list of an object's parameters as a structure, which can then be input to the edit method after modifying any parameters as necessary. This way, you pass to the API both the changed parameters and the unchanged previous parameter values. Since all the parameters are defined explicitly, none of the values are replaced with predefined values.

Methods for getting and editing parameters
Object Get Edit
Campaign GetCampaignsParams (Live) CreateOrUpdateCampaign (Live)
Ad group (AdGroup) Banner GetBanners (Live) CreateOrUpdateBanners (Live)
Сlient GetClientInfo (Live) UpdateClientInfo