Version 3 (disabled)

Released December 1, 2010. Support for this version has been discontinued.

Added in this version

Changed in this version

  • The CreateOrUpdateCampaign method — new input parameters MinusKeywords, AddRelevantPhrases and RelevantPhrasesBudgetLimit. Values for campaign settings can be obtained using the GetCampaignParams method.
  • The CreateOrUpateBanners method — added the Sitelinks input parameter.
  • The ContactInfo structure — new parameters OGRN and PointOnMap (to get possible values, use the GetBanners method).
  • The GetBannerPhrasesFilter method — added the RequestPrices input parameter.
  • The CreateNewReport method — new capability to group report data by goals (clStatGoals parameter) and by display position (clPositionType parameter). The same parameters have also been added to the structure NewReportFilterInfo.
  • The GetBanners method — new input parameters Sitelinks, StatusSitelinksModerate, AdWarnings, ModerateRejectionReasons and FixedOnModeration.
  • The GetClientInfo method — added the Discount input parameter.