Version 2 (disabled)

Released August 23, 2010. Support for this version has been discontinued.

Added in this version

  • The GetSubClients method. Returns a list of first-level users for the specified username.
  • The GetCampaignParams method. Returns a list of advertising campaign parameters with values.

Changed in this version

  • Method CreateOrUpdateCampaign:
    • New fields ContextLimit, DisabledDomains, DisabledIps, ConsiderTimeTarget, Status, StatusContextStop, StatusMetricaControl and StatusOpenStat.
    • Added the EmailNotificationInfo structure for managing email notifications. The structure includes the fields Email, SendWarn, MoneyWarningValue, WarnPlaceInterval and SendAccNews.
    • Added the structure SmsNotificationInfo for managing SMS notifications. The structure includes the fields SmsPhone, SmsTimeFrom, SmsTimeTo, ModerateResultSms, MetricaSms, MoneyInSms and MoneyOutSms.
    • Removed the Email, MoneyWarningValue, and SendWarn fields. Parameters for managing email notification are combined in the EmailNotificationInfo structure.
    • Removed fields SmsSendWarnMoneyOut, SmsSendWarnMoneyIn, SmsSendModerate, SmsTimeHourFrom, SmsTimeMinFrom, SmsTimeHourTo, SmsTimeMinTo. Parameters for managing SMS notifications are combined in the structure SmsNotificationInfo.
  • Methods UpdatePrices and CreateOrUpdateBanners — added input parameters AutoBudgetPriority and ContextPrice.
  • The GetBannerPhrasesFilter method — new input parameter ConsiderTimeTarget.
  • MethodsGetBannerPhrases and GetBannerPhrasesFilter — the output structure BannerPhraseInfo has new parameters ContextPrice, ContextLowCTR and ContextCoverage.
  • Methods GetCampaignsList and GetCampaignsListFilter — instead of the CampaignInfo array, returns the ShortCampaignInfo array, which:
    • contains the parameters CampaignID, Login, Name, StartDate, Sum, Rest, Shows, Clicks, Status, StatusShow, StatusModerate, StatusActivating, StatusArchive, IsActive;
    • does not contain parameters TimeTarget, Autobudget, AutobudgetSum, AutobudgetMaxPrice (you can get their values using the GetCampaignParams method).
  • The GetClientInfo method provides for getting information about multiple clients. For the ClientInfo structure, new fields have been added: Role, SendWarn, SendNews, SendAccNews, NonResident.
  • The methods ArchiveCampaign, UnArchiveCampaign, ResumeCampaign, StopCampaign, DeleteCampaign take the CampaignIDInfo structure with the new CampaignID parameter. Fully compatible with the previous version of the API.