This document describes the programming interface of the Yandex Direct service (further referred to as “the API”). External applications use the API to add and edit campaigns, ads and keywords, set bids, and get impression statistics. This document is intended for developers who are creating applications for managing contextual advertising in Yandex Direct.

Sections in this document:

  • API versions — Changes to the stable version and the Live development version.

  • Access — Accessing the API using JSON format and the SOAP protocol; authorization.

  • Overview — Information model and features of the API.

  • Practical usage — How to perform various tasks in the API, as well as usage restrictions.

  • Sandbox — Testing environment for debugging applications.

  • Methods — Input and output data and sample calls.

  • Sample applications — Instructional applications in Perl, PHP and Python.

It is assumed that readers understand the terminology and basic concepts of Yandex Direct. This information is available in the Help for Yandex Direct.