API access

The Yandex Tracker API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for application authorization. Applications use the OAuth 2.0 protocol to access Yandex services on behalf of a user. For information about basic OAuth concepts and the Yandex implementation of the protocol, see the OAuth authorization. Developer's guide.

To access the Yandex Tracker API:

  1. Obtain an OAuth access token.

  2. In requests to the Yandex Tracker API, specify the request headers:
    • Authorization: OAuth <your OAuth token>.

    • X-Org-Id: <ID of your organization>

      To find your organization's ID, go to the Tracker settings page. The ID is shown in Organization ID for API.

The token permissions correspond to the permissions for the Yandex Connect account. For example, if the user's account doesn't allow access to change queue settings, API requests to change queue settings won't be available using this token.