Adfox is a technology platform for managing website ads, collecting statistics, and analyzing the efficiency of campaigns.

You can use the Adfox API to create campaigns on the Adfox platform, monitor campaign progress, and select the target audience for serving ads.

The Adfox API supports working with ad register. You can:

  • Work with contractors, including specifying a website owner contractor.
  • Work with contracts.
  • Set up ad register at the campaign (flight) level and for a banner.

The system provides you access to many different reports for evaluating ad performance using indicators that show how ads are distributed on placements, their CTR, and the unique audience viewing the ads.

This is the API guide. It describes the request parameters and the established response format. It also provides examples of API responses and explains the response parameters.

The document is aimed at developers of CMS and apps for ad management and campaign performance analysis.

The information is relevant for API version 1.0.0.

To learn more about the service terminology and principles, go to the Adfox documentation.