People who work at Yandex invent, develop, support, and promote products and services that help millions of people around the world. Yandex does everything possible to make their time in the office as comfortable and enjoyable as it can be. We carefully choose our suppliers to provide our employees with everything they need, including state-of-the-art digital and office equipment, comfortable chairs and other office furniture, fresh fruit and vegetables, gym equipment, among a thousand other things. In addition to buying material goods, we contract services, such as event management or video production, that help us do our job better.
We value each of our contractors and try to be a good partner for them, too. We have created a transparent procurement system with clear supplier management procedures and a fast document flow. Following the rules of business ethics is our top priority. We provide the required documents on time, respond quickly, and maintain corporate confidentiality, while expecting the same from our partners.
We welcome offers from companies with similar business ethics and look forward to developing mutually beneficial long-standing partnerships.

What we buy