YNV publishes sustainability review for 2023

YNV has today published an overview of its sustainability performance in 2023, focusing on the organizational perimeter remaining under the Dutch parent company following the disposal of its Russian and Russia-related assets. 

Going forward, the company (under a new name to be announced in the coming weeks following the final completion of the restructuring) intends to report annually on its performance against applicable sustainability reporting requirements. 

One of the company’s priorities as it worked on its highly complex restructuring during 2023 was to ensure the preservation of its sustainability practices. The 2023 overview published today explores the company’s sustainability priorities, which include energy efficiency and information security. Our data center in Finland already hosts Europe's most powerful commercially available supercomputer and features world-leading energy efficiency. We prioritize information security, and adhere to rigorous standards and global best practices as part of our commitment to safeguarding the virtual and physical realms and ensuring a seamless and secure experience for our customers. Sustainability will be integral to the company’s ambition to build a leading European AI Europe-headquartered tech player in the AI space as it embarks on its new journey.

Along with the overview for its retained businesses, YNV has today published the 2023 Sustainability Progress Report for the Russia-related businesses being divested (“Yandex Russia”). This report is published in accordance with GRI Standards and SASB guidelines and is available in English and Russian on Yandex Russia’s website. Future sustainability disclosures with respect to the divested businesses will be published by IPJSC Yandex, the parent company of Yandex Russia. 

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