Yandex launches streamlined platform for the self-employed

Yandex.Pro app will help millions to make money through the use of Yandex services

11 August 2020 - Yandex has launched its Yandex.Pro platform and app, which will help couriers, drivers and other self-employed individuals find extra work and keep track of their income. Yandex.Pro is a marketplace that connects freelancers looking to work for an entire day or just for several hours to find a suitable job. 

Hundreds of thousands of Yandex.Taxi drivers are already using the Yandex.Pro platform to fulfil Yandex.Taxi orders. In the very near future, they will be joined by Yandex.Eats and Yandex.Lavka couriers. Over time, the platform will also include home services professionals and repair specialists who use Yandex.Uslugi as well as individuals who complete tasks for the Yandex.Toloka crowd-sourcing platform.

“There is a significant number of people who work as freelancers or who take on side gigs. They have to do everything on their own: look for work, handle accounting and deal with income taxes. The Yandex.Pro platform allows these freelancers to find customers and fulfil orders.  Additionally,  Yandex.Pro streamlines the process of registering to obtain the self-employed status with the Russian Federal Tax Service, tracks their daily earnings, and even allows freelancers to pay their income taxes directly.  It’s a very convenient service for those who work for themselves”, says Tigran Khudaverdyan, Deputy CEO of Yandex.

The Yandex.Pro platform was developed from the successful Yandex.Taximeter app, which has been helping taxi companies and drivers take orders and manage their earnings for many years. 

Both self-employed individuals and registered individual entrepreneurs can join the Yandex.Pro platform. They can quickly register through the app and connect to the official Russian Federal Tax Service’s My Tax app  to enable automatic tax payments.

Yandex.Taximeter users will automatically be migrated to Yandex.Pro. Yandex.Pro app will be available for Android and iOS; it can be downloaded through Google Play and the AppStore.


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