Yandex Launches Personalized Streaming Channel and an HDMI Dongle Media Player

Internet, May 23, 2019. Yandex (NASDAQ:YNDX), a technology company that builds intelligent products and services powered by machine learning, now provides users with a personalized video stream for live and on-demand video on the company’s streaming content platform, Yandex.Live.  Yandex.Live is available on desktop and on mobile.  Today Yandex also announced the launch of a new HDMI dongle, Yandex.Module, to enable users to stream Yandex.Live to their TV screens.

The new Yandex.Live channel utilizes Yandex’s proven AI technologies to offer users a personalized video feed including movies, music videos, live sporting events, interviews, and video blogs. User can refine the recommendations by liking, disliking, or removing certain content from their feed. 

Yandex.Module is integrated with Yandex’s intelligent assistant, Alice, allowing users to control the media player with their voice via the Yandex Search App, Yandex Browser, Yandex.Station or any other Alice-enabled smart speaker. Yandex.Module is available for 1,990 rubles ($31) on Yandex’s online marketplace, Beru.  With the purchase of Yandex.Module, users will also receive a free three-month subscription to the KinoPoisk+Amediateka on-demand video streaming service.

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