Yandex.Taxi Expands to Latvia

Internet, March 15, 2018. Yandex.Taxi launches in Riga, Latvia. Users can order taxis in Riga through the Yandex.Taxi iOS or Android app in Latvian, Russian or English. Latvia is the first country within the EU where Yandex.Taxi is offered.

In Riga, Yandex.Taxi calculates ride fares with a base tariff of €0.71 and estimated time and distance of the trip at €0.36 per kilometer and €0.13 per minute respectively. With these rates, a trip from the Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel to the Riga International Airport will cost about €7.40. Users can pay with cash or register a credit card directly in the app and be automatically billed.  

“We’ve been considering the launch of Yandex.Taxi in the Baltic states for a long time," says Musheg Sahakian, Director of International Development. "We selected Riga as the first location to expand our ridesharing service to this region due to the high interest in cooperation coming from Latvia. We believe citizens of Riga will enjoy the convenient and affordable transportation option. Ahead of this launch, we updated Yandex’s maps in Riga to ensure highly accurate mapping and navigation services for our users. Our advanced algorithms, and mapping and navigation capabilities enable us to provide short wait times and optimal routes that lead to low fares.”

Currently, Yandex.Taxi in Latvia partners with ten local taxi companies and dispatcher services with a fleet of over 200 vehicles. As part of our commitment to providing high-quality service, Yandex.Taxi runs regular vehicle checks to verify their condition and uses driver ratings based on passenger feedback and statistics related to previously performed trips to allocate riders’ orders to drivers.  

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