Yandex Introduces Personal Recommendations to Its Music Streaming Service

Internet, September 17, 2014. Yandex has re-launched Yandex.Music, its music streaming service. The newly revamped service now offers a system of personal recommendations for Yandex.Music users to discover new songs and artists every day.

Yandex.Music recommendations are based on users’ personal preferences, music that their friends on or Facebook listen to, as well as the latest new hits, such as compositions that inspire popular artists, blockbuster soundtracks, or festival hits. Any track, album or an entire artist collection can be saved into the user’s personal playlist. Personal recommendations on Yandex.Music are updated every day and their relevance improves with the amount of music the user streams.

“Every day millions of people ask themselves one question: what music should I listen to today? It’s not so easy to say – only our database has over 17 million tracks in it. One would have to spend 130 years to hear them all. New Yandex.Music helps artists and their audience meet each other and turns a problem of what to choose into the pleasure of discovering and enjoying good music,” says Konstantin Vorontsov, head of Yandex.Music.

New Yandex.Music gives any performer a chance to have their music recommended for personal listening even if their popularity isn’t wide enough. The service also enables musicians to share their playlists with others.

The web-based Yandex.Music service is currently available in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The updated versions of the Yandex.Music app for iOS and Android are coming soon.

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