Yandex Enhances the Functionality of Yandex.Market with Cost-Per-Action Advertising

Internet, October 8, 2013. Yandex, which operates the largest Russian e-commerce comparison shopping platform, is now offering online stores a new model for listing their products on Yandex.Market. Online stores can now enable checkout functionality for their products directly on the Yandex.Market site and Yandex will adopt a Cost Per Action (CPA) model for purchases made in this way.

CPA ad placements provide a direct linkage between choosing a product and purchasing it and tightly align the interests of Yandex, its partners and consumers. An online shopper can choose a product on Yandex.Market and go straight to checkout without leaving the webpage. This simplifies the purchasing process and helps stores increase sales. Stores will pay to Yandex 1 % of the value of each order, regardless of the product category.

“The CPA model for online advertising is growing in popularity all over the world, and we see strong interest in it from our partners,” said Alexei Avdey, head of the Yandex.Market service. “We are now offering a benefit to stores and shoppers alike – online stores will pay only for tangible results, while shoppers will find it easier to find and buy what they need.”

The new ad placement model will be offered alongside the existing Cost Per Click advertising model, with payment based on clickthroughs to a vendor’s site, and is available to Russian and Ukrainian stores that have been on Yandex.Market for at least three months and have a rating of three stars or higher. Online stores can begin testing and development work on the API immediately. Consumers will be able to buy directly on Yandex.Market next month. Further instructions can be found on the web site

Yandex.Market is a comparison shopping system for choosing products, services or shops online, including more than 13,000 internet stores in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey. According to data from comScore MediaMetrix, every month more than 18 million people in various countries choose products through Yandex.Market.

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