Yandex Launches Comparison Shopping for Clothing

Internet, September 25, 2012. Yandex (NASDAQ:YNDX) today launched, a specialized comparison shopping service enabling users to compare clothes and footwear online. Online shoppers can pick from nearly a million products from hundreds of major retailers in Russia and Ukraine. Items of clothing and footwear aggregated from numerous online shops are all available to view, compare and purchase at

“Fashion comes first when shopping for clothes or shoes, followed by the manufacturer and the cost. Unlike the purchase of consumer electronics, where the product’s technical specifications are the decisive factor, what matters most when buying clothes is that the purchased item looks good on the wearer”, says Alexey Avdey, head of the Yandex.Market service. “The new comparison shopping service is based on the ideas we implemented in Yandex.Market, the largest online shopping aggregator in Russia and Ukraine. This new service, however, is more visual – our users can instantly see what a chosen item looks like right in their search results, and then zoom in to view the details.” has clothes for everyone – adults, children, fashionistas, sports junkies, future moms, and even future brides. Like other categories on Yandex.Market, the clothes shopping service has convenient filter options to view, for instance, all items of a chosen brand or, conversely, all brands for a chosen item. For those shoppers who know exactly what they are looking for, the search filters on the service can sieve out all irrelevant results to show only, for example, red coats in size medium, or suede boots under 5,000 rubles.

Shoppers on can also receive expert assistance with sizing. Someone unsure whether 28/34 Levi’s jeans are the right size can switch to the Russian or European sizing systems. And those who have no idea what size they are can read about how to take measurements.

The newly launched comparison shopping service already offers consumer satisfaction ratings for all participating retailers, and user reviews for those shops that have already been reviewed on Yandex.Market. Online shoppers can use this information to make their decisions and share their own customer experiences. Yandex’s own quality control service regularly checks all participating stores for accuracy of listed information, including product availability, price, and delivery times.

Watch the video about how to choose clothes on Yandex (in Russian).


Yandex.Market is a comparison shopping system for choosing products or retailers online. According to TNS, as of August 2012, the service's monthly audience in Russia was 13.4 million.

About 2.4 million searches on Yandex per day – 1.5% of all search queries – are about clothes, shoes, or accessories.

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