Yandex Gives 250 GB Of Free Online Storage Space To Samsung Ultrabook Buyers

Internet, August 21, 2012. Anyone buying a Samsung Ultrabook equipped with the Intel Core processor receives 250 GB of free storage on the Yandex.Disk service. This offer is available for any such laptop purchased from a Russian retailer until the end of this year.

Yandex.Disk is a free cloud storage service that allows users to upload and store their photos, music, scanned papers or documents online. Files uploaded to Yandex.Disk can be accessed from any device – personal computer, tablet, or smartphone. While the standard size of a Yandex.Disk virtual folder is 10 GB, Samsung Ultrabook buyers can have at their disposal a storage space 25 times larger than that. To start using the storage space on Yandex.Disk, the new owner of a Samsung Ultrabook should sign up for the service and launch the Yandex.Disk application on their device. With this application, uploading files to the service is as easy as moving them to a desktop folder.

“The amount of free storage space that the Samsung Ultrabook buyers can use on Yandex.Disk is unique to the market – no one else offers that much space for free”, says Anton Zabannykh, head of Personalized Services at Yandex. “The owners of the Samsung Ultrabook can say goodbye to their USB drives and backup their most important files in the cloud. Files on Yandex.Disk can be accessed at any time from any device anywhere in the world where the internet connection is available.”

Currently, Samsung sells series 5 of its ultra-thin, lightweight and high performance Intel Core Ultrabooks in Russia. Samsung is one of the three largest laptop suppliers on the Russian market, according to the research company GfK.

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