Yandex Enhances Browsing Experience with New Extension

Internet, June 27, 2012. Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX) offers the users of Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer a new browser extension, Yandex Elements. The new browser extension enhances the browser’s capabilities without creating new toolbars. Yandex Elements merges the search and address bars, as well as adding to the browser graphic thumbnail tabs and shortcuts to useful web tools and services.

The Yandex Elements extension melds seamlessly into the standard navigation panel. Users don’t need to switch between two bars for searching and for navigating the internet, but can simply use a single toolbar for typing a search query or a website address. Yandex Elements also allows users to choose the source for searching – a dictionary for a new word, for instance, or Wikipedia for a famous person.

The Yandex Elements users, by default, have fast access to Yandex’s services and popular social networking websites. They can instantly see if they have new mail on their email account, or if someone has sent them a message on a social networking website. With Yandex Elements, the browser informs them about what exactly the weather is like today, or if traffic conditions are too difficult to drive right now. Yandex Elements also allows users to declutter their browsers by hiding additional toolbars, which, however, can be conveniently redisplayed at a click.

“Yandex Elements answers the same user expectations as the Yandex.Bar toolbar plug-in. This time, however, our aim of providing web users with easy and fast access to a range of Yandex products and services, which facilitate the internet experience, has been shaped into a space-saving solution that fits and even streamlines those browsers that still feature toolbars,” says Aleksey Rybakov, Project Manager.

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