Yandex Launches Free Storage Service

Moscow, April 5, 2012. Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX) launched a beta version of Yandex.Disk, a free service that allows users to store their files online and access them from any internet-enabled device.

Web users can upload files in any format to Yandex.Disk and use up to 10 GB of storage space for personal documents, photos, music, or videos. Files stored on the service can be accessed anywhere there is internet access - from home or work, while visiting friends, in the library or in a café. The service allows users to view and share their files at any moment. In addition to providing its users with an opportunity to upload files to the service, Yandex.Disk automatically saves all attachments to the emails in their Yandex.Mail account. The service has additional storage space allocated specifically for this purpose.

“Yandex.Disk is a cloud service, a virtual folder that can be safely used for file storage. If your personal computer or laptop catches a virus or breaks down, your files will be safely stored on Yandex.Disk. Currently, Yandex.Disk is integrated with Yandex.Mail, and we have plans to link it with other services offered by Yandex,” says Anton Zabannykh, head of Personalized Services at Yandex.

Yandex.Disk supports synchronization between multiple devices, for example, a text file saved on a home computer can be opened and edited on a laptop at work. Yandex.Disk is accessible via a web interface, as well as via Windows or Mac OS GUI client. Owners of iOS- or Android-based smartphones can also use the service via the Yandex.Mail app.

Currently, access to Yandex.Disk is by invitation only. Read more about Yandex’s file storage service on the company’s blog (in Russian).

About Yandex

Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX) is the leading internet company in Russia, operating the country’s most popular search engine and most visited website. Yandex also operates in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey. Yandex’s mission is to answer any question internet users may have.

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