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Internet, September 13, 2011. Yandex has launched a mobile search service for mobile applications, After typing English-Russian dictionary [англо-русский словарь], for example, in the service’s search field or in the search field on Yandex’s homepage in their mobile browser, users of the iPhone or iPod Touch, as well as those using Android-based phones, will see search results with appropriate dictionary applications available on the App Store or on the Android Market.

Finding games and programs for smartphones on Yandex.AppSearch is as easy as asking an app-savvy friend what’s worth downloading. The service does not even need the exact name of a game or a program to retrieve relevant results. Users will get what they are looking for even if they type free e-book reader [бесплатная читалка] or learning app for kids [развивающее приложение для детей] in the Yandex.Apps’ search field. The service also returns results for search queries in Russian even if the app information is in English. Users looking for [монополия] (Monopoly) will be able to download the mobile version of the popular board game from the App Store even though it is not featured there in Russian.

Yandex.AppSearch ranks its search results based on, among other things, the app’s rating score in a store, the number of mentions in social media, etc. So, the most popular programs appear at the top of the search results matching the search query. In addition, the service has a feature that allows users to filter search results by selecting only free apps or only paid ones.

“Yandex search for mobile applications is the first Yandex service whose mobile version was launched before its desktop release,” says Denis Ivanov, Project Manager. “When making and developing our services, we are directed by, first and foremost, their practical application. Creating a service primarily for mobile products requires creating a mobile product.”

Yandex.AppSearch has been released as a beta and is currently available only to users in Russia.

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