Yandex’s Virus Protection Available in Firefox 6.0

Internet, August 16, 2011. Firefox 6.0 edition with Yandex’s services is now available. The browser uses Yandex’s antivirus base to alert its users about web pages containing malicious software. Trying to open a malicious web page, Firefox users will see a warning from Yandex telling them that this web page is infected.

Presently, Yandex’s antivirus base contains about 3 million infected pages. To detect malware, Yandex relies on two technologies: the Sophos antivirus software and the company’s own proprietary antivirus technology based on behavioral approach. The essence of that approach is that the program detects malware by performing actions similar to those of a visitor to a web page. If an application begins executing or downloading without the user’s intent, the web page is very likely to be infected. The advantage of the behavioral approach is its ability to detect viruses not yet added to any antivirus database. (To learn more about Yandex’s antivirus technology, visit the company’s web site).

Yandex has been placing virus alerts on its search results page since May 2009. Also, Yandex.Webmaster service informs webmasters about malware on their web sites. With the new Firefox edition, web users can receive warnings by Yandex not only on but elsewhere on the Internet as well. The Firefox 6.0 edition with Yandex antivirus technology can be downloaded

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