Yandex.Maps Shows Road Conditions Online

Internet, August 9, 2011. Starting today, current information on road conditions previously provided through the mobile application Yandex.Maps also becomes available on the web-based Yandex.Maps service. Users can now see right on their desktop computer screens where a car accident happened, or where road works are in progress or where traffic lights have broken down.

Road conditions complement Yandex’s traffic reports helping users plan their route. The information on road conditions provided in real time shows what causes congestion and helps drivers understand how serious the situation is.

Yandex receives the information on road conditions directly from drivers. Using the Yandex.Maps application for mobile, they map traffic accidents, road works and other incidents on the road. In addition, many drivers contribute to Yandex’s traffic map by sending to the service the information about their movements. The more people join the project, the fuller and the more precise the traffic map is.

Besides the information received from car owners, Yandex also uses data from official information providers. So, the information about road conditions in Saint Petersburg comes from Federal Administrative and Technical Inspection Service (GATI), while the updates on what’s going on on the roads in Zelenograd are provided by the local Federal Road Safety Service (GIBDD).

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