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Internet, June 2, 2011. Yandex.Maps offers a route planner for travelling by public transport. Now, the route planning function is available not only to those who drive a car, but also to those who use public transportation services.

Yandex.Maps instantly suggests ways to get from A to B. The route planning on the service is based on a number of factors including average traffic speed, time for transfers and waiting time. The route planner also offers a choice of options such as a fast track route, a route with no transfers, or one with minimal walking distance.

The route planning function on Yandex.Maps is currently being released as a beta. It provides trip plans that include metro, bus, trolleybus and tram connections in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and also mini bus links in the Northern capital. The list of the cities for which the trip planning function is available will keep expanding. It will also soon become available in Yandex.Maps for mobile.

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