Free Top-Up at Evroset Outlets for Yandex.Money Users

Internet, March 24, 2011. Starting today, the users of the online payment system Yandex.Money can top up their accounts without paying any fee at any of Evroset’s outlets in Russia.

Evroset, Russia’s largest mobile retailer, currently owns over 4,000 outlets all over the country. The Yandex.Money users can put cash on their accounts by paying over the counter at any of the Evroset stores. The funds get transferred to the account instantly. A single top-up sum is limited to 15,000 rubles.

“It’s easier for people to use e-money if they don’t have to bother too much about keeping their balance. The Evroset stores are everywhere in Russia and they are so conveniently located that anyone can drop in at any of them and top up their account. And it’s even better if there is no fee,” says Natalia Khaitina, head of Yandex.Money.

The Yandex.Money users have a plethora of payment options at their disposal. Some of them prefer to top up their accounts via ATMs or payment terminals, while others use their bank card or buy prepaid cards. For those who prefer cash, paying over the counter at an Evroset store is one of the cheapest options. Currently, Evroset is Yandex.Money’s largest partner in Russia accepting cash payments free of charge.

Evroset is a Russian mobile and small electronics retailer. In addition to offering mobile phone subscriptions, the company also provides their customers with an opportunity to pay for air flights, package tours, concert and event tickets, road penalties etc.

Yandex.Money is the largest online payment system operating in the ruble segment of the e-payment market. Every day, the system adds on average over 8,000 new accounts and has 80,000 payments for products and services including web hosting or mobile services, clothes or tickets for events.

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