Yandex Launches Property Search

Internet, December 14, 2010. Yandex has launched property search in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Now users looking for an apartment to rent or a house to buy can see the number of properties available in their area and then go to to specify their search: rent a two-room apartment in central Moscow or buy a one-room apartment on Vasilyevsky Island.

Yandex.Realty aggregates listings from the largest and most reliable real estate websites and realtor databases. It maintains the quality of information it provides and, in result, the users see only those offers that can be trusted. Yandex.Realty filters out outdated and merges duplicate ads, checks the price and location of the property on offer.

‘Our goal was to create a user friendly service with quality content. To meet our ends, we developed quality control algorithms specifically for property ads. Also, we are rather choosy about our data providers,’ says Sergey Romensky, head of Yandex.Realty. ‘We will keep an eye open for high-quality data providers and we hope our service will be instrumental in improving information environment on the real estate market’.

To read about how Yandex.Realty checks the quality of property offers, visit the company blog (in Russian).

About Yandex

Yandex is Russia’s largest search engine and a leading Russian internet and technology company. Yandex’s mission is to provide easy access to the wealth of information available online to answer any questions web users may have. The company also offers a portal providing dozens of free online services and extensive local, national and international information. Yandex’s websites attract a monthly audience of more than 53 million users from all over the world (comScore, October 2010). Yandex ranks 7th in Top 10 search properties worldwide (comScore, January 2010).

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