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Internet, September 22, 2010. Yandex expands opportunities for streaming music from its catalog. In addition to single tracks previously available for streaming on yandex.ru, users can now find music on albums and entire discographies available in the company’s music catalog. So, simply typing the name of a song in the search box on yandex.ru will play this song right in the search results. Similarly, the name of an album entered in the search box will return a player with the first three tracks from this album, while the name of an artist or a band will retrieve three of their most popular compositions.

To give users an opportunity to make their own play lists and search for music by style or genre, Yandex has launched the Yandex.Music service. Users searching for [Depeche Mode] on yandex.ru will be directed to the Yandex.Music service to choose a tune or make a play list. The service allows to add both tracks and entire albums to play lists and stream music as long as one wants to. All music available on the service is in good quality and is absolutely free. Yandex’s music catalog provides only licensed content consisting of about 800,000 compositions from 58,000 performers. There’s something for everyone:

Thank You For the Music


Brand New Day

“People could first hear music on Yandex a year ago when we launched a music file player in search results,” says Denis Tanaev, head of the Yandex.Music service. “Today, we have eight times as much content as we had when we started, and it’s much more varied, at that: jazz, folk, hip hop music. Search and enjoy.”

The licensed content on Yandex.Music is provided by more than 50 copyright holders including Universal Music Group International, EMI, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, First Music Publishing, Monolit, SBA Production and many others. Yandex encourages music copyright holding companies to join this project. To read more about the Yandex.Music partner program, please visit http://music.yandex.ru/page-partners.xml (in Russian).

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