Yandex.Money Prepaid Card for Shopping Worldwide

Internet, July 28, 2010. Yandex.Money offers a new handy payment method for products or services purchased from any online retailer accepting credit or debit cards. The Yandex.Money Prepaid MasterCard can be used at web shops or online services all over the world, including Amazon, PayPal and eBay.

A prepaid virtual card is a one-use electronic money product for shopping online. Users can choose the amount of money and the currency – ruble, euro or dollar – for their card. This is especially convenient for making purchases in foreign web shops. When shopping at Amazon, for instance, customers can load into their Prepaid MasterCard on Yandex.Money exactly the sum they want to spend on their books or CDs. There is no need to fuss with the card’s details or balance, or bother about returning what’s left from the purchase to the Yandex.Money account.

“Not every credit or debit card is accepted online, and not everyone is eager to disclose their card’s number on the internet,” says Natalia Khaitina, deputy general manager of Yandex.Money. “For our clients to be able to pay for their purchases in any web shop, we gave an opportunity to use a prepaid virtual card. These cards are accepted even by those online retailers who do not accept Yandex.Money and can be used to pay for anything, from the Dutch tulip bulbs to vuvuzelas.”

The Yandex.Money Prepaid MasterCard can have the value from 300 up to 14,000 rubles (or the equivalent in another currency). The card application fee is only 1.99% from its value. To read more about the Yandex.Money Prepaid MasterCard, please visit the company blog (in Russian).

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