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Internet, June 30, 2010. Web users in Tatarstan can now talk to Yandex in the Tatar language. Yandex can find answers to users’ questions in Tatar. Its front page, the search results pages and the user interface of the Yandex.Mail service are now available in both official languages, Tatar and Russian.

According to the Federal Statistics Service for Tatarstan, more than half of the 3.7 million population of the Republic (2 million) speak Tatar. Now, they can make queries and receive answers on in their language of preference. Yandex search for the Tatar-speaking users takes into account the morphology of the Tatar language and helps users learn about, say, [Бердәм дәүләт имтиханнары] or find the song [Авыл көе]. The Tatar-language based search and the user interface in Tatar are available for everyone regardless of their geographic location. Anyone enthusiastic about this language can use it on Yandex.

Yandex’s key services became localized for the users in Tatarstan. The localized Yandex search uses a regional ranking formula to deliver locally relevant results for the local queries like ‘pizza’ or ‘taxi’. Yandex.Auto shows offers from the local car dealing market, while Yandex.Market lists online shops that deliver to Tatarstan, and Yandex.News informs about what is happening in the Republic. The Yandex.Maps users can take a look at a map of Tatarstan, as well as find detailed maps of Kazan and Naberezhnye Chelny offered on the service.

For the web users in Tatarstan to have access to the company’s services at local rates, Yandex has included the Republic in its Local Network Program. Within this program, Yandex rents dedicated channels to large cities and establishes free traffic exchange with local providers. The company’s networking equipment has already been installed at the Internet Exchange Point KZN-IX in Kazan. Starting today, any local provider can connect to Yandex’s Local Network.

In addition to offering a range of services to web users, Yandex provides opportunities for businesses. The owners of local websites can enjoy the company’s free ready-for-use products (such as API, widgets, email for personal domain), while advertisers can benefit from the advertising options. To cater specifically for the needs of its advertising clients in Tatarstan, Yandex opens a sales office in Kazan. The new sales office will be promoting the company’s advertising products and supporting the development of online advertising in the Republic. Yandex’s sales office in Tatarstan can be contacted at +7 (843) 510-25-55 or

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