Yandex Learns Languages

Internet, November 19, 2009. Yandex users in Ukraine can now choose between Russian or Ukrainian languages when using Yandex. Starting today, visitors in Ukraine will automatically be redirected to with all its services localized for the Ukrainian market.

The idea of the Ukrainian Yandex is the same as the Kazakhstani Yandex’s, which was launched in October. is an independent portal designed to cater for the interests of its users in Ukraine. All services are localized both in terms of language and content. So, Yandex search on offers information about Chimbulak ski resort to the search query [горнолыжный курорт] (ski resort), while users on entering the same query will see links to websites with Bukovel, and will show all it can find about Sorochany.

Yandex offers to website owners in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, as well as to the owners of regional web resources in Russia, extensive partnership opportunities both technological (widget program, API Yandex.Maps) and advertising.

To read more about website development and promotional opportunities provided by Yandex, visit (in Russian).

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