Yandex's Local Network in Every Federal District

Internet, December 5, 2008. Yandex connected Rostov-on-Don to its Local Network. Southern Federal District is the seventh region in Yandex's program for increasing accessibility of the company's services in Russia's regions. Yandex now has local presence in every federal district in Russia.

"Our program has proven to be effective, and we will be increasing our reach," says Alexander Laryanovsky, head of Yandex's Regional Development. "Cities in our Local Network see an increase not only in traffic to the Yandex services, but also in internet usage overall."

The Local Network Program was launched in 2007. This project is Yandex's solution to the Internet access problem in Russia's regions: federal and local traffic in the regions are different in pricing and connection speed. Under the Local Network Program Yandex offers its traffic to broadband providers for free, renting dedicated channels to large cities in every federal region. Effectively, Yandex acts as a local web resource for the majority of web users in a region.

Currently, Yandex's Local Network is comprised of 14 cities, including Rostov-on-Don. Hundreds of regional broadband providers have direct access to Yandex.

Yandex's partners in Rostov-on-Don include Spark, CTS and UTC. These providers offer all Yandex's resources at local rates.

Providers are welcome to join Yandex's Local Network Program. To become a member, please, apply at

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