Yandex’s Advertising Service Now Supports Ukrainian Language

Moscow, October 25, 2007. Today, Yandex announces that its Yandex.Direct ad-serving system now supports the Ukranian language. Advertisers have the ability to compose their advertisements in Ukrainian and to display them next to search results on the corresponding queries. Yandex.Direct now has a Ukrainian interface as well.

“Search queries in Ukrainian are a significant part of all queries from Yandex users in Ukraine. Our decision to add the Ukrainian language support was largely based on the efforts of Ukrainian advertisers, who wanted to advertise in their native tongue,” said Eugene Lomize, head of the Yandex advertising technologies group, “Thus, Ukrainian has become the second language supported by Yandex.Direct.”

In the two years that the first Yandex subsidiary opened its doors in Ukraine and launched the portal, Yandex has localized its search engine for Ukrainians, and offered its users email addresses at the Ukrainian-specific, domain.

Yandex.Direct is the first and largest contextual advertising platform on the Russian Internet. Its advertisements are displayed for millions of users on search results pages, as well as at the Yandex’s Advertising Network. In October 2007, the number of ad displays on Yandex.Direct exceeded one billion displays per week.

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