Yandex Packed a Special Schoolbag of Services for Schoolchildren

Internet, August 31, 2007. Right before the Day of Knowledge - September 1, the day the school year starts - Yandex launched, the homepage for schoolchildren. Largely, the goal of the project is to provide all school students and their teachers with a convenient internet entry.

The new school homepage looks like, but at the same time it features "family search", individual blocks for encyclopedias and translation dictionaries, a specially complied Catalog, Science news, games, tips, and tests. "The new school year is starting, and Yandex has prepared for it by packing a whole schoolbag of services for school students," says Natalia Ostasheva, the head of the special projects at Yandex. "Tens of thousands of schools in Russia have internet access now, and we are confident that all of them will make use of the new school Yandex."

Yandex will appreciate comments and requests, first and foremost, from schoolchildren and teachers. The homepage has a feedback form for users' suggestions on how to improve the school homepage.

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