Krugosvet Encyclopedia Now at Yandex.Slovari Digital Reference Service

Internet, March 29, 2007. From date, all contents of Krugosvet encyclopedia are available on the web pages of Yandex.Slovari (Yandex.Dictionaries).

Another new item added to Yandex.Slovari is a part of Yandex's large-scale programme to create an online reference library.

From the starting point in 2006, the number of encyclopedias and reference books only at Yandex.Slovari has doubled, from 20 to 40 items; and, counting in foreign language dictionaries, the total number of project's publications approximates 70 items. The number of entries now exceeds 3 million. In 2007 Yandex plans to be adding four new dictionaries every month.

Krugosvet is a universal encyclopedia comparable to the Great Soviet Encyclopedia in its size and significance. Krugosvet contains about 12,000 entries, 11,000 illustrations, 600 maps, tables and other addenda.

In contrast to traditional academic publications, Krugosvet is a modern, constantly updated encyclopedia. The edition contains information concerning not only historical facts, but also the events happening before our eyes. Several hundreds of dictionary entries are being published in Krugosvet every year.

”The encyclopedia turned into a steadily relevant resource for socially significant, promising, educated slice of Internet audience,” says Alexander Dobrovolsky, Krugosvet's chief editor. ”This is clear that Krugosvet's becoming part of the dictionary section at such a large web search portal as Yandex, will help the encyclopedia to increase the number of readers, and will enable Yandex users to access relevant and useful information.”

According to Leonid Larshin, the head of Yandex.Slovari service: ”Krugosvet encyclopedia has information that is lacking from other dictionaries at the service. This is especially true for entries about contemporary culture. This is why Yandex.Slovari users will learn a lot. Also, another universal encyclopedia will contribute to a fuller representation of many phenomena already presented in other reference books.”

The programme on creating a public online reference library undertakes to publish the most authoritative and most wanted dictionaries and reference books. Yandex purchases copyrights for these editions, and, if necessary, digitalizes them. The company plans to allocate about one million dollars for this purpose.

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