Yandex.Direct Measures Visitor Conversion

Internet, March 13, 2007. Yandex provides advertisers with a new tool to appraise site audience quality and measure conversion ratio for keyword advertising. Yandex.Direct now features a new instrument called Metrica.

By placing advertisements in Yandex.Direct, beside attracting visitors to the site, the clients also aim to entice them to perform certain actions, like making a purchase or visiting a specific section of the site. These actions define the degree of success of an advertising campaign and therefore can be used to assess efficiency of specific advertising methods and approaches. By installing Metrica – a free of charge invisible counter provided by Yandex – at their sites, the customers of Yandex.Direct will get information on behavior of the users who clicked through to the site from ads. The new data will appear in all the system reports.

Yandex.Direct Metrica allows to measure and analyze the key efficiency parameters of advertising campaigns: visit depth, conversion rate (the share of visitors who make a purchase or another desired action in the total number of visitors), and the cost of attracting visitors who perform the required action. Based on these data, the customers of Yandex.Direct will be able to decide on the most efficient tools and settings for an advertising campaign.

"The universal advantage of the Internet versus other advertising media is its measurability. Only the Internet makes it possible to see live results of an advertising campaign, evaluate its efficiency, and adjust its settings on the spot, if needed," comments Artem Parshentsev, project manager of Yandex Advertising Technologies Department. "We are taking it one step further: the advertiser can see what visitors do when they browse the site after they have clicked on an ad. The only way to make a viable assessment of the quality of an advertising campaign is by gathering all the data on both ad displays and user behavior. To this end, we developed Metrica, our own measuring tool. Now advertisers will be able to get a clear picture of which campaigns, ads, and sites bring quality audience and thus improve advertising cost efficiency."

Yandex.Direct is the first and largest context ad placement system in the Russian Internet. The ads are displayed on search result pages and at participant sites of Yandex Advertising Network.

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