Our locations

Yandex has office locations all over Russia as well as in Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Germany and Switzerland. Some of them conduct the full range of our activities, while others specialise, like sales offices, for instance, which we open across the globe to be closer to our advertisers in many different regions. In cities where top-class programming talent can be found, we open development offices. Yandex’s head office is in Moscow.
Each Yandex office has its own identity, but at the same time they all share the ambience. They’re all designed to be comfortable and pleasant places both to work and to just spend time. Our team can take some time out to play a guitar, shoot some pool or read in the library with a hot cuppa. And to keep everybody’s batteries charged, tea, coffee and sweet snacks are always available, free of charge, in unlimited quantities.
At Yandex we work together as a team and communicate freely. Most staff members work in spacious, open-plan offices, but they don’t have to stay at their desks – they can pick up their notebook computers and take their work anywhere. People with notebooks can be seen working on sofas in the hallways, in the cafeteria, in meeting rooms, even nestled in comfy beanbags.
Armchairs and comfortable cushions pepper the office space for the convenience of lone workers with their laptops as well as whole groups gathering for an impromptu discussion. When the group talk is less spontaneous, it can be taken to one of the numerous meeting rooms equipped with projection devices and videoconferencing stations so that colleagues in other cities could also join in. Each meeting room has a name of its own. In Moscow, the names like Seventh Heaven or Fifth Element indicate which floor a meeting room is on. St. Petersburg’s meeting rooms refer to local landmarks, such as Smolny.
Bright colours and unusual details give our offices a unique style. The first thing you’ll see at the entrance is a reception desk in the shape of the Yandex search bar. Above it, big screens show in real time maps of traffic conditions or the flow of search queries. Walls in our offices take shape of vertical lawns, parquetry or colourful glass. Workplaces decorated with posters, toys and knickknacks always bear a personal touch. Some teams, like our Yandex.Traffic people, are dedicated to what they do enough to bring into the office a real traffic light and engineer it to rate real-life current traffic congestion in Moscow.
For anyone who drops into any Yandex office in any location, there’s no mistaking that this is the Yandex place.