History of Yandex

Yandex Data Factory

Yandex opened Yandex Data Factory, an international project providing big data solutions to corporate and enterprise clients. Yandex’s technologies — machine learning, image and voice recognition, deep neural networks, and natural voice processing — help businesses utilise masses of accumulated data for their benefit.

Faculty of Computer Science

Yandex and Moscow’s Higher School of Economics jointly opened a computer science faculty, which prepares specialists in two areas — software engineering, and applied mathematics and informatics. Winners and place-getters of school olympiads rush to enrol in numbers never before seen at any other faculty at the HSE.


A mobile news app was released alongside two new services  — Yandex.City and Yandex.Master. The former helped users find and choose businesses and organisations until 2016, while the latter helped people find specialists for their domestic tasks and was closed a year after launch.