History of Yandex


At the YaC-2013 conference, Yandex presented its own voice recognition technology SpeechKit and an API for working with it. This technology would be used in many of Yandex’s mobile applications, as well as in products by outside developers. A year later, the company released a cloud service for voice recognition and an app that writes dictated text and reads out what’s written.

Yandex and CERN

Yandex became an associate member of CERN openlab. The company had begun working with the European Organization for Nuclear Research a couple of years earlier. Yandex provides the physicists with computing resources and its proprietary data processing technologies, including the machine learning technology MatrixNet. Later Yandex and the School of Data Analysis participate in several CERN experiments.


Yandex opened Yandex.Store, an app store for Android. Positioned as international, it invites app-buyers and developers from around the world. At its launch the store offered more than 5,000 paid and free apps, user-friendly search, and virus protection. Purchases can be paid by bank card, and by text message in Russia.