History of Yandex

New logo

Yandex changed its logo. One day — August 25, to be precise — instead of the usual “Яndex”, users saw the entire name written in Cyrillic: “Яндекс”. The word had already become such a fixture in the Russian language that it seemed strange to keep on writing it in Latin letters.

Yandex.Maps API

Yandex began sharing its maps with site owners. With the help of the Yandex.Maps API, the maps could be incorporated into any resource. In the future Yandex would start offering developers and site owners many of its services and technologies.


The year saw the launch of Yandex.Timetable and Yandex.Video — and they all took off, becoming popular among users. Another newcomer was Ya.Online, an instant message service.


Yandex’s monthly audience reached 18 million users.