Yandex office in Simferopol
Kazanskaya ulitsa 1a, Simferopol 295006
Yandex Help Centre

By public transport

Travel to the Gimnazia No. 1 im. Ushinskogo stop by trolleybuses № 6, 5, 9, 11 or minibuses № 49, 3, 81, 60, 53, 57, 89. After exiting, go right and walk to the crossroads, cross the street, turn left and follow Ulitsa Tolstogo to the intersection with Kazanskaya Ulitsa. Turn right. In front of you, you will see a seven-storey building bearing Yandex’s logo.

By car

From Yekaterininskaya Ulitsa, turn right onto Ulitsa Tolstogo, then right again onto Kazanskaya Ulitsa. There is no guest parking area but you may park on Kazanskaya Ulitsa.