John had been married to the same woman for 35 years, it had been a… Ещё
John had been married to the same woman for 35 years, it had been arranged by both sets of parents and the very first time he saw his bride was on their wedding day . Complete strangers they were, and forced to make the best of it and learn to tolerate and eventually love one another, raise their children, both of whom were now practicing medicine. He couldn't imagine not being married to his wife, now with the children gone, she was his life. Sadly, he reflected, almost all the staff over thirty in the hospital had been divorced, some several times over. Perhaps a free choice of partner wasn't the best method of pairing up couples at all. He didn't know Rebecca's history, she was quiet about what brought her to Sandmouth Bay. He only knew she had joined the smaller of the two local medical practices and was still building up her patients list, hence she was taking the turns at the hospital for the other two doctors she partnered as well as her own shifts. For John, this hospital had been the first placement the Medical Council had found for him when he originally came into the country, and he had learned to love it here. For most other non-natives it was often a place of quiet refuge running away from somewhere or someone.