Yandex.Direct API

July 2019
Negative keywords library available in the Yandex.Direct API
11 July 2019, 13:28

Sets of negative keywords are now supported in the API:

  • The new NegativeKeywordSharedSets service allows you to manage sets of negative keywords.
  • Methods of the AdGroups service now have the NegativeKeywordSharedSetIds parameter where you can specify up to three IDs of sets. The AdGroups.get method allows you to filter ad groups that use specific sets of negative keywords.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the experts of the Yandex.Direct support team.

Updates to strategies: Changes to expect in the API
30 July 2019, 14:03

We would like to prepare you for changes in the Campaigns service that are planned for mid-August in connection with the recently announced updates to strategies. Changes will affect the campaign types TEXT_CAMPAIGN and MOBILE_APP_CAMPAIGN.

  • The NetworkDefault structure will no longer use the BidPercent parameter. The add and update methods will return an error on attempts to set it, and the get method will no longer return it.
  • The LimitPercent parameter in the NetworkDefault structure will be used only if the search strategy is set to HIGHEST_POSITION.

    If an automatic strategy is used in search results:

    • The add and update methods will ignore the passed value and issue a warning. To enable the NETWORK_DEFAULT strategy in ad networks with an automatic strategy in search results, you will need to pass an empty NetworkDefault structure.
    • The get method will not return the NetworkDefault structure.
  • The MAINTAIN_NETWORK_CPC setting in the Settings structure will be used only if the search strategy is HIGHEST_POSITION and the ad networks strategy is NETWORK_DEFAULT. In all other cases, the add and update methods will ignore the passed value and issue a warning, and the get method will not return the MAINTAIN_NETWORK_CPC setting.

If you have any questions, contact Support.