December 2016
Analyze AMP sites with Yandex.Metrica
1 December 2016, 18:15

Now you can track AMP sites using Yandex.Metrica. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a special html format that lets you load mobile pages significantly faster. AMP is geared primarily toward the needs of publishers: for news sites and blogs, it’s essential that content is mobile-friendly and downloads in a flash.  That’s why in the AMP-compatible counter code, we now support a few attributes that will come in handy when measuring content effectiveness.

Meet Yandex.Metrica at the Superweek Conference in Mumbai
21 December 2016, 19:54

Join us at the Superweek Conference on January 5-7 in Mumbai, India. This annual event brings together digital analysts from all over the world so that they can share experiences and discuss the latest trends.

The head of Yandex.Metrica, Viktor Tarnavskii, will talk about raw data and its implementation in a sophisticated, custom-made attribution model for one of the largest online DIY retailers in Russia.